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Valuation Services

Property Solutions & Valuation Services LLC. is proud to offer a wide range of appraisal services. Our team of appraisers has a wide range of experience and knowledge to provide you with the best available service .  A list of our services is provided below.  If you do not see a specific product listed, please contact our office, as we can likely provide you with the service desired.  

REO Appraisals
  We currently specialize in REO Appraisal work for Single Family, Condominium, and Multi-Family properties.  A few of our current clients include: SunTrust Bank, IndyMac Bank, and OneWest Bank.  Our current Fee structure for REO's range from $225 to $600.  Please contact us with property data, and we would be pleased to provide you with an exact cost of service.

Non Lending Valuations
  We also specialize in working with financial planners, attorneys, and homeowners to provide appraisals for non lending purposes.  These valuations can assit in the various aspects of financial planning, Family Trust, Estate planning, and Divorce.  Property Solutions works with local Realtors to provide valuation reports that assist with future listings and potential sales.  We also prepare appraisals for Realtors to assist with the marketing of various listings.   

NPL & General Review Appraisals (Non-Performing Loans)
  An additional area of focus for Property Solutions, is with our Appraisal Review work.  We complete all types of review work that includes:  Desktop reviews, Field reviews, Retrospective desk and field reviews.

  We have recently been certified to complete CVR reports.  CVR (Collateral Valuation Risk) reports are one of the increasingly popular services currently utilized by large lenders for review and in house audit services.  CVR's are currently replacing many of the commonly utilized BPO reports, as they are a far superior product with a significantly greater degree of accuracy.  The CVR report is a valuation report that utilizes a regression model created by an appraiser that is knowledgeable to the specific market. 

Loan Origination Appraisals
Our most common appraisal order stems from loan origination.  A large portion of our appraisal business is currently made up of appraisal orders for home purchase and refinance.  We offer appraisal services in this category for FHA, Single Family (URAR), Condominiums, and Multi-Family (Small Income Producing Properties).

Ordering Appraisal Services
  Please visit the "Contact Information" page for appraisal ordering information.

Coverage Territory:
  Our appraisal team covers most of Central Florida, with specific county coverage to include: 
Polk County, Osceola County, Orange County, Seminole County, Lake County, and West Volusia County.

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