Property Solutions & Valuation Services LLC.

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Property Services

Property Solutions & Valuation Services LLC. "Field Service Division" is proud to offer a wide range of landscape services. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of property service.  A list of our current services offered is provided below.   

Lawn Care:
  We currently provide lawn care services for residential and commercial clients.  We taylor our services
to the specific needs of our client in order to better service them.  Our typical service contract includes
weekly mowing (Summer Months), edging, and trimming, and hedging (as needed).  Other services are available upon request.

   Our other lawn services include: Tree trimming, mulch installation, sod replacement, irrigation repair,
                                                       and plant / tree installation.

Pressure Cleaning:
  We provide high pressure and low pressure cleaning services for residential and commercial clients.

Paver Patio & Driveway Maintenance:
  We offer cleaning and sealing services for paver patios and driveways.  We typically perform a low pressure chemical clean to brighten the pavers, followed by one or more applications of Euclid Super Diamond Clear sealer.  We have found that this product out performs all other products currently on the market.

Residential site prep: 
  We provide residential site grading for new homes and existing homes.  We also correct grading deficiencies that typically cause drainage & run off problems.  

Irrigation Services:
  We can perform repairs on your irrigation system, to ensure you are getting proper coverage without
waste.  We also are able to modify your current systems to accept landscape changes, by adding or removing sprinkler heads. 

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